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How It Works.

Bidding Is Simple With Our Penny Auctions

penny auctions

penny auction

Step 1... Sign Up!

Go to the LekkiBid Live penny auctions Registration Page and sign up for your FREE account! 


Step 2... Buy Bids!

Login and visit the Buy Bids Page and purchase your bids.


Step 3... Choose Your Product!

Look at our List of penny Auctions and pick one to bid on.


Step 4... Bid and Win!

Bid on your auction and win!, Penny Auctions UK.

Welcome to a UK based penny auction website. If you like grabbing a bargain then you have come to the right place, Here you can bid and win brand new top quality products at amazingly low prices! on average people save up to 90% off RRP with our live penny auctions. With lots of new auctions added daily, there is a wide range of products to bid on. We auction off items such as mobile phones, laptops, android tablets, digital cameras, TV's, vouchers and much much more. It's costs nothing to get started. Register now and get 10 free bid credits to start bidding on our uk penny auctions and start saving. LekkiBid, an online penny auctions uk website providing a value driven alternative to retail shopping.

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